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We uncover the most cost-effective tariffs for business users. One single bill cross network including, EE Vodafone and O2

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Running a business is incredibly time-consuming so any opportunity to save time and save money is helpful. Blu Sky business mobile phone plans provide a single point of contact for all your mobile communications across all networks.

Blu Sky Solutions is committed to ensuring that not only do you get the most cost-effective contract for your company but also ensure that you receive the service levels that you deserve.

Dedicated account managers

Full audit

We can run a full audit on your existing bill to see where and how we can make your tariff more cost effective whilst delivering the minutes, texts and data that you need. We will also deal with your transfer from start to finish when changing networks.

Network tariff guides

Our dedicated account managers will guide you through the various network contract options to get the right business mobile plan and ensure you only pay for what you need.

Account monitoring

Once you have chosen your plan, we will keep you informed of any new network offers of tariff changes via regular tariff reviews, providing a single point of contact for all your mobile phone contract needs.

We are not affiliated with any individual network, you can be sure that you will receive honest, uncomplicated and completely independent advice.

New Phone & Tariff

In this contract, you will pay for the handset within the monthly cost over two years. Your monthly plan will include a specified number of minutes, texts and data.

Typical contract length is usually 24 months after which you own the mobile phone. Often businesses continue to pay the same monthly charge, even after the initial contract period has expired, despite the fact that they will have paid for the handset element of that cost within the first 24 months.

If you’re happy to keep the same handset(s) then it is worth considering a SIM-only deal.

SIM only contract

Pay Monthly SIM’s benefit from the same Call / Text / Data bundles as regular mobile phone contracts. You can transfer and keep your mobile number and the contract term is usually for a minimum of 12 months.

A SIM only contract means that you are supplied with a SIM card for use in a mobile Phone or table that you already own.



Business Sharer Plans

Business sharer plans allow you to choose a single data bundle that is shared across multiple connected devices. 

A very effective and flexible way to manage your mobile data, and keep your workforce connected. Never worry about usage fluctuations across your team. 

Phones and tablets can be added to the account at any time as well as other bolt-on services.

Mobile data

2GB Plenty to cover the simple day to day requirements of your business: email, social media and where your mostly connected to Wi-Fi at the office or home.
5GB If you are more reliant on emails, social media marketing/apps and managing e-commerce whilst out and about then we would advise an increase to 5GB of data.
10GB If you spend most of your time away from the office and you’re a high data user, then a massive 10GB of mobile data will allow you to efficiently run your business on the move or when you have a regular need to tether your laptop.
Unlimited If you are connecting via 5G, an unlimited data plan may be well worth the investment. 5G is faster than most home broadband services so you may find that you eat through your allowance very quickly.

Mobile device insurance

broken mobile phone

Accidents happen, that’s just life. We offer several mobile insurance products to protect your devices and ensure that your business can continue to run efficiently even in the event of breakage or accidental damage.

If you break your company mobile device and it cannot be repaired, we will replace it with a new one the next working day

Frequently Asked Questions

Contract and SIM-only deals include voice, text and data roaming up to your data allowance throughout the O2, Vodafone and EE Europe Zones.

For trips further afield, you can add an international bolt on – this allows you to use your calls, texts and data plan anywhere in the world for a flat daily fee, giving you peace of mind and predictable spend whilst you are away.

Yes, you can. You may need to obtain a PAC code from your existing supplier to facilitate a transfer.

We deal with all the major manufacturers and so we can provide all the very latest in smartphone technology with more than 50 models available including Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, and LG.

Fair use policy protects networks from excessive or fraudulent use. If you send 1000+ texts every day or spend 18 hours per day talking on the phone, this may get flagged as unfair. If you’re unable to provide a reasonable explanation of the excessive use, you may get charged a surcharge.

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