Blu Sky

We work for you.

We started Blu Sky because businesses weren’t being given support they deserved on their essential utilities. They Spent too much, and they waited too long on hold. So, I changed that.

How? By implementing a level of professional care that has never been seen in this industry.

Carl Jones, Founder

A company you can trust

We’ve got more than 19 years’ experience in providing business to business services such as fixed lines and calls, broadband, mobile, gas, electricity and water, our customers sing our praises and so will you.

Excellent customer service

We know that you don’t have time to be waiting on hold trying to speak to someone. We answer customer calls quickly and those calls are answered by experienced operatives in our local UK based office.

Never beaten on price

Even with a fluctuating market, we still promise to beat your first written renewal offer. As a result, we’ve attracted more than 20,000 businesses away from the giants. Because your lives are hard enough without overspending on bills.

A Smooth transition

We promise the smoothest switch possible. When a household loses service, it’s an annoyance. When a business loses service, everything grinds to a halt, losing customers and ultimately, money. With Blu Sky our number one aim is to keep you running.

Clear, simple billing

We’re a multi-service provider but that doesn’t mean multiple bills. No matter how many services you have, you’ll only receive one bill with a clear breakdown of all your charges.

Why Blu Sky?

Blu Sky customers up and down the UK go to work doing what they do best: keeping our country alive, our economy thriving, and putting smiles on people’s faces. Whether they’re brewing a coffee, checking the oil in a car, pouring a pint or completing their latest year end, Blu Sky customers are a busy bunch – and we help them progress by being there go to provider for all business essentials.