Are you prepared for the 2025 BT switch off

Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Change is inevitable; it’s constant.” 

We are bound to face change in every phase of life, Including the tech world.  

Session Initiation Protocol Trunking (also known as SIP Trunking) is the next phase of change in the media service/telephone service world. This change will benefit the world and make things easier and more flexible. SIP Trunking is an advanced phone service with an initiative to replace ISDN. Although it has its benefits, it is now considered outdated and old since about 45% of businesses are already using SIP Trunking. Below is a detailed explanation of SIP Trunking and how companies will benefit from their switch off from ISDN in 2025 to SIP Trunking. 

SIP Trunking: What Does It Mean?

SIP trunking is a streaming media service and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. It is a cloud-based telephone service that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) to dispense its functions and enable call via the Internet. It is considered the technological advancement of ISDN. The Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) is the traditional means of making both inbound and outbound voice call through a digital line. A business using ISDN must pay separately for voice and data services until SIP Trunking that is, which uses a single plan for the two. 

BT’S Big Switch Off the ISDN Line In 2025

BT made a big announcement in 2015-2016 that from 2020 the purchase of ISDN lines will stop with a target date of 2025 for switch-off. However, they later reviewed it and moved the ISDN line’s final date to 2023. According to a statement made on BT’s website:

“they have decided not to invest any more time and money into a technology that won’t enhance the business world.”

This statement indicates that they are customer satisfaction oriented and SIP Trunking should/must work to their advantage. 

How can SIP Trunking Help

Moving to SIP has several benefits and is highly recommended because:

1. SIP Trunking Saves Cost:

Everyone loves it when they lower costs. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) cuts down on the cost of calling. It is also essential to note that distance no longer becomes a barrier because it is cheaper to call over a long distance using the Internet. Unlike ISDN that makes use of physical wires, SIP Trunking is cloud base. It makes use of the Internet, making official long-distance communication better and even cheaper by 60%. Most ISDN businesses have to get a different line when they want to enlarge their customer service. SIP Trunking can do this with a single line since it acts as a bundle of phone lines.

2. SIP offers greater flexibility:

Apart from saving money, SIP Trunking is also flexible and straightforward, helping BT satisfy their customers better. Routing calls via the Internet will help meet their customers’ demands better. SIP removes associated problems internally offering greater communication. Moderation of the system is also done quickly. Adding up new phone lines and altering phone service without interruptions or getting new hardware without having to wait is another benefit one can get from SIP Trunking. 

3. Mobility:

Unlike ISDN, SIP Trunking is mobile because it can be moved quickly and easily reinstalled. ISDN installation is far greater than that of SIP, which can take several days sometimes. Simultaneously, SIP is easily installed, and workers can still move around without losing connection with their coworkers. The simultaneous usage and installation will make BT customers happier and also work to their advantage.

4. Boost Productivity of Workers and security:

Communication is vital in any facet of life, and we all know that. SIP Trunking allows seamless communication between workers, thus boosting production and efficiency. The encryption of voice calls is another factor that increases security and productivity, and customers will be happy to hear that their security needs are met. SIP Trunking provides BT with a platform to meet security needs. 

5.Enhance Business World:

Enhancement of the business world is the primary aim of the big switch over from ISDN line to SIP Trunking, and this is achievable with SIP. SIP Trunking has given BT the capacity to enhance the business world and foster a better business atmosphere. We also believe any activities or invention that does not bring BT closer to their goal, vision and mission will not be implemented. SIP Trunking is a big step forward for BT.

6. Serves as an upgrade:

Remember SIP Trunking is the upgraded version of ISDN lines. Firms who do not upgrade run the risk of falling behind in several key areas. Some apps and phones no longer work because they refused to upgrade with current trends. One of the notable upgrades SIP Trunking offers is its ability to accommodate multiple people. With SIP, one can have numerous people on a call simultaneously. Its ability to adapt video calls is a game-changer for BT.

In conclusion, these six reasons show BT’s advantage by switching off ISDN to SIP Trunking. It is also important to note that SIP Trunking will lead to BT’s growth, thereby satisfying their customer better at the same time fulfilling their objective and advancing their goals.


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