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Yealink T48S IP Desk Phone

Office phone systems have changed in a big way. VoIP is a fairly recent technology that is quickly replacing ISDN lines providing huge savings for UK Businesses. 

Blu Sky are a leading business VoIP provider.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the internet to make and receive telephone calls offering many advantages over a traditional phone line. Switching to a VoIP phone system now is a wise choice with significantly cheaper calling costs than traditional landline services.

VoIP Features

You will probably be familiar with many of the common features of a Business Phone System including voicemail, hunt groups, auto attendant, call waiting and music on hold.

However, VoIP based phone systems offer an increasing  of additional useful functionality:

Collaboration tools

Collaboration features such as live chat, file sharing, and planning make collaborating with colleagues, customers and suppliers straightforward, wherever you are. These features are available on your mobile app or softphone.

Virtual numbers

Many people like to deal with local businesses. With virtual geographic numbers, your business can appear to be based in a geographic location of your choice. A similar feature can be used to support temporary contacts or running a short term marketing campaign with 0800 or 03 numbers

Voicemail to email

Voicemail messages left on your VoIP system can be converted to audio files and sent as an attachment to any specified email address. You can download and listen to the message by following the link in the email.

Call Recording

Record all calls, inbound and outbound for monitoring customer enquiries or in some cases this function can be utilised for verbal contract purposes.

Mobile Apps 

Using software on your computer, tablet or mobile phone you can make and receive calls without the need for a desktop handset.

CRM Integration

Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, is a key part of your business operations, can be connected allowing you to keep track of your interactions with prospects and customers.

Hosted vs On-site

VoIP phone systems are feature rich and increasingly flexible providing a choice of desk phones, mobile apps and computer software to make and receive calls from a single number.

There are two main solutions: Hosted and On-Site, each having their own unique benefits and features. We will be able to evaluate your needs and recommend a bespoke solution, tailored to your business


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Hosted phone systems

As the name suggests, this phone system is hosted off-site. The technology that routes your calls are kept off-site (cloud) and a desk-phone (IP Phone) you use simply connects to the internet from any internet connection. In addition, your calls can be received and made from a mobile phone app, or PC software.

Other benefits include:

• Software updates – taken off your hands as managed by the hosting company.
• Remote diagnostics – technical issues are usually fixed without needing a site visit.
• Bespoke – configure individual user interfaces for with special features.
• Multi-site – companies benefit where staff move between sites and hot-desk on regular basis.

Many customers prefer this solution, as there is one central point of contact managing all your telecoms requirements, no need for additional IT skills or software to manage. Hosted make the perfect small business telephone systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Call quality can be affected by the reliability of your internet connection. It’s worth contacting us for a free evaluation of your broadband.

On mobile devices, our hosted platform EVE seeks out the best possible connection for any call you make switching between WiFi and 4G, thus ensuring that you will enjoy the best call quality available in any location.

Your mobile devices will continue to work over 4G thus ensuring a good continuity of service. It is worth investing in a backup power supply to cover you in the event of a power outage. For extended periods of a power outage or extended broadband issues, we can divert your calls to any temporary site of your choice. We always recommend having a disaster recovery plan to keep your business running.

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