Cloud Phone Systems

Our cloud phone systems allows your business communication to run smoothly at all times.

Multiple Devices, One Purpose

Hosted VoIP cloud phone systems offer a secure and flexible telephony solution your business, turning a simple connection into a fully functional cloud phone system. With a good broadband connection at your office, home or even on holiday, your business phone is connected.

You only need to make one monthly payment, covering all your communication requirements. No large upfront payments, just a simple per-user licensing cost and a monthly rental charge for connectivity.

Desktop IP Cloud Phone Systems

Let us choose the right IP phone for your business. From feature-rich touch screens to cordless DECT phones and crystal-clear conference phones for your boardroom, we have a solution to fit.

Mobile App

We won’t tie you down to a desk. Our mobile app will turn your smartphone (iOS or Android) into your desktop phone, making working away from your desk a breeze.


Our desktop app, combined with a suitable handset, lets you work comfortably at your PC or laptop and enjoy all the features of our cloud phone system on screen.

Number Management

Keep your current number or select a new one from anywhere in the country, regardless of your location. We add temporary or campaign-specific numbers (for example 0800 or 0330 numbers) to help your business manage incoming calls efficiently.

Cloud Phone System Portal

Our highly intuitive online portal is your gateway to controlling the features you need and manage availability, whilst reviewing your calls. You choose how you:

  • Like your calls to be routed
  • Manage your contacts or set up a hunt group
  • Report on communications activity across your business?
  • Access your call recordings?

Call Centre Functions

Display real-time call statistics, monitor performance and achievements, enabling your business to check you are hitting call targets and campaigns are being received well. Automatic Call Distribution routes incoming calls to your most qualified employee(s) to satisfy a caller’s needs.

This technology can also use rule-based instructions such as caller ID, Automatic Number Identification, Interactive Voice Response or Dialed Number Identification services which determine how calls are handled.


Unified Collaboration features will make communication with colleagues, customers and suppliers easier. Wherever you are, why not benefit from instant messaging, content sharing, collaborative whiteboard sessions, pictures, videos, presentations or vocal annotations.

Ideas and thoughts can be rapidly exchanged. Work that is in progress can be easily shared, with your users able to comment and edit documents in real time. The collaboration feature is fully supported on both desktop and mobile.


Telecommunication fraud has become a multi-billion-pound global problem. Our security and 24-hour fraud monitoring will keep your business safe and protected. Call volumes and patterns are monitored, and we measure against a pre-defined threshold, especially for high-risk categories like premium rate numbers.

As fraud becomes increasingly sophisticated, we continually develop our processes to keep your business safe and if any unusual activity is detected, calls will be blocked automatically for peace of mind.

Call Recording

The ability to revisit phone calls is essential. Our hosted VOIP cloud phone systems offer call recording on every call made and received and is simply accessed through the portal.

Download and listen to your recorded calls at the click of a mouse. Let us know how long you want to keep your recordings and we will store them securely in a state-of-the-art Data Centre.

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