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Cloud Phone Systems

Can I keep my current phone number?

Hosted VoIP is the easiest way to keep your existing numbers or add any new ones. BT is forced by regulation to transfer numbers to other telephone providers. VoIP numbers are the same as any local or national number; they are issued by Ofcom from standard number ranges and work in the same way. The numbers of your choice are diverted to either your desk phone, mobile or both.

What is Unified Communications (UC)?

UC brings together the likes of messaging, voice and video calling, team collaboration, video conferencing, file sharing and so much more to aid a business’s communication and collaboration.

Business Phone System

Can my broadband run a VoIP phone system?

Yes, it can, but call quality can be affected by the reliability and speed of your internet connection. On mobile devices, our hosted platform EVE seeks out the best possible connection for any call you make switching between WiFi and 4G, ensuring that you will enjoy the best call quality available in any location.

What happens if we lose power or internet connection?

Your mobile devices will continue to work over 4G, ensuring continuity of service. It is worth investing in a backup power supply to cover you in the event of a power outage. For extended periods of a power outage or extended broadband issues, we can divert your calls to any temporary site of your choice. We always recommend having a Disaster Recovery plan to keep your business running.

Business Mobile

What about EU and worldwide roaming?

Contract and SIM-only deals include voice, text and data roaming up to your data allowance throughout the EE, O2 and Vodafone European zones. For trips further afield, you can add an international bolt on, allowing you to use your calls, texts and data plan anywhere in the world for a flat daily fee, giving you peace of mind and predictable spend whilst you are away.

Can we keep our existing numbers?

Yes, you can. You may need to obtain a PAC code from your existing supplier to facilitate a transfer.

What handsets can BluSky provide?

We deal with all the major manufacturers and so we can provide all the very latest in smartphone technology with more than 50 models available including Apple, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Sony.

What is Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

FUP protects the mobile networks from excessive or fraudulent use. If you send 1,000+ texts every day or spend 18 hours per day talking on the phone, this may get flagged as unfair. If you’re unable to provide a reasonable explanation of the excessive use, you may get charged a surcharge.


Is a BluSky eSIM expensive?

The SIM itself has an upfront cost of around £5.50 due to costs on manufacturing compared to a standard SIM. However, tariffs for the eSIM are significantly cheaper than typical global roaming tariffs from major mobile networks.

Do eSIMS support 5G?

The BluSky eSIM does not currently support 5G, but it will when the mobile networks have 5G roaming agreements in place.

Can a BluSky eSIM be used in wearable technology? (ie an Apple watch)

Not currently, but this could change in 2020, at the moment BluSky is focused on the business market for eSIMs.

Do eSIMS have telephone numbers associated with them?

eSIMS do have a special number format which is unique to an eSIM.

Is there a bulk activation process available?

Yes, if you need to activate a volume of eSIMS, your BluSky Account Manager can explain how we can help make the process simple and easy.

If I order a tariff for a specific zone, can it only access the mobile networks in that zone?

An eSIM can access all the mobile networks in all the zones, up to and including the zone of the tariff that has been ordered. For example, a Zone 4 tariff can access all the Zone 4 mobile networks, plus Zones 1 ,2 and 3 too.

Business Broadband

Why do you need a Static IP address?

With a static IP address, you can connect remotely to your server to exchange files, host a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and is suitable for applications that use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You may also need a static IP for CCTV and homeworkers.

Should I provide guest WiFi?

For security, we always recommend a separate guest WiFi facility. When giving guest access to your main WiFi, you could be giving access to files and data on your network. You may also consider doing this in your home as well as your business. We can provide advanced WiFi networks that allow you to decide how much bandwidth you allow guests to take, how often the security or password is changed, and you can also exclude individual users.

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