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A standard mobile SIM card does not offer the critical IoT features required by M2M (machine to machine) Devices and with the development of the multi network eSIM the power of SIM cards is unstoppable.

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IoT / M2M Sim

So, what is IoT?

In the simplest form, IoT is a network of interconnected devices which are embedded with sensors and software’s that enables them to collect and exchange data which makes them responsive.

IoT makes your assets clever and your business more successful.

What is a Multi Network eSIM?

Our IoT eSIMS are multi network which means that you aren’t connected to just one network. The eSIMS search out the best connections in the area and connect to the strongest one meaning you are always connected. eSIMS can also be used on roaming tariffs, which means they can transmit from most countries around the world.

Blu Sky eSIMS are available on several tariffs which can reach all corners of the world.


M2M SIMs for Building automation and security cameras


M2M SIM for Metre Reading


M2M SIMs for Field Data Collection


M2M SIMs for Digital Signs


SIM Management Platform

Monitor SIM activity and M2M data usage throughout your network of devices. Activate or deactivate SIMs and set data caps with alerts to prevent over-spending.

Our online M2M solution lets you monitor data usage overall as well as specific devices. Should a device become compromised, you can quickly deactivate the SIM so no further charges are incurred.

Shared Data Bundles

If you are connecting multiple devices, and some have the potential to use more data than others, a single tariff is the best way to control costs.


Our M2M Sims are Multi-Network. You can choose a preferred network, or let the SIM choose to establish the strongest connection available. This feature means you’er less likely to lose signal and frustration.

Data Roaming Worldwide

Our M2M SIMs work in over 100 counties over 800 networks to ensure your IoT device remains connected.

Two-way connection

If your IoT Device requires remote access, you will need a SIM that has a fixed IP address. Unlike a Mobile Phone SIM, M2M Sims are provisioned with a static IP address to maintain a two-way connection.

Tri-cut SIM

The tri-cut SIM is perforated so that you can break out a Standard, Micro or Nano SIM from the same card.

Frequently Asked Questions

The SIM itself has an upfront cost of around £3.50 due to costs on manufacturing compared to a standard SIM. However, tariffs for the eSIM are significantly cheaper than typical global roaming tariffs from major mobile network operators.

Blu Sky eSIM does not currently support 5G but it will when operators have 5G roaming agreements in place.

Not currently, but this could change in 2020, at the moment Blu Sky is focussed on the purely business market for eSIM.

eSIMS do have a special number format which is unique to eSIM

Yes, if you need to activate a volume of SIMS, your Blu Sky account manager can explain how we can help make the process simple and easy.

An eSIM can access all of the networks in all of the zones, up to and including the zone of the tariff that has been ordered. E.g a zone 4 tariff can access all the Zone 4 networks plus all zones 1 ,2 & 3 networks too.

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