SIP Trunking

A SIP trunk is the virtual version of an analog phone line. Using SIP trunks allows you to make local, long distance, and international calls over the Internet.

If you currently use BT ISDN lines, now is the time to consider switching, as BT are planning the big ISDN switch off in 2025!

Quite simply, SIP trunks are phone lines that operate via broadband/data connections, replacing traditional BT Lines (ISDN). All you need to implement SIP is a fast, robust internet connection, which we can of course assist you with via our Business Broadband.

SIP provides low-cost calls

Most SIP calls to UK landlines are free, and a much lower cost of calls to mobiles than from ISDN lines. International calling is also less expensive.

Let BluSky review your bills and provide an average cost saving based on current usage.

SIP saves line rental

ISDN line rental is generally more expensive, and less flexible, not to mention being switched off in 2025. Adding or removing SIP lines (the capability to make concurrent calls) can be turned up or down depending on your business’s needs. We have assisted customers increase capacity, as their business has grown rapidly, without them having to wait for an engineer to visit. Users can also be added at any time, simply for the cost of a new handset.

Phone numbers on SIP

SIP is the most flexible solution for phone numbers. If your business requires a one-time campaign number, an 0800 or local number for another city or even multiple phone numbers to ring a single phone, it can all be done through SIP. You can keep your existing phone numbers, simply porting them to the SIP provider. Even if you must move business premises, your phone numbers simply transfer with you to your new internet connection.

SIP for multi-site connections and home workers

SIP is delivered to your PBX (Private Branch Exchange) and calls are then routed to the phones around the office. They can also be delivered to remote connections, ideal for home workers and if needed, to another PBX in a separate office.

SIP delivers collaborative working

SIP is designed for more than just phone calls. This includes video calling, instant messaging, file sharing, and screen sharing to multiple endpoints including handsets, mobile devices, and computers. A single software solution is provided for all devices and operating systems, making collaboration simple, effective and productive.

SIP is secure

Correct installation and the effective maintenance of software and firmware updates ensures security is not an issue. Our SIP trunks will monitor your connectivity and are protected by dedicated firewalls. With call monitoring set up, should the system become comprised, all calls are automatically blocked.

Converting from ISDN to SIP

Most recent PBX systems are compatible with SIP, but if not, it’s relatively simple to swap old for new. You don’t need to replace your handsets either. Hybrid PBX systems can replace your existing PBX and work with your existing handsets. Although in the long run, it may be worth looking at a completely new system.

SIP is dependent on bandwidth

SIP trunks depend on a strong and reliable internet connection and we are happy to test your existing connectivity and recommend if any upgrade is required before considering SIP.

SIP disaster recovery plan

If your business experiences a power outage or loss of broadband connection, your phones will stop working. However, as SIP trunks are managed in the cloud, steps can be put into place to make sure you remain connected, with calls quickly diverted to alternative landlines or mobiles, without the need for an engineer visit. We recommend having a Disaster Recovery plan in place to make the switch fast and stress-free and keep your business operational.

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