What is SIP trunk call manager, and does my business need it?

SIP Trunk Call Manager has absolutely nothing to do with elephants.

SIP in fact stands for Session Initiation Protocol trunking and is essentially the method in which your voice travels through the VoIP system.

Is SIP Trunking right for me?

If you already have a PBX (nerd-talk for Private Branch eXchange), you’ll be aware that SIP Trunks are a crucial component. However, if you’re changing from an analogue PBX or are new to telephony altogether you will choose between an on-premise IP PBX or a fully cloud-hosted PBX system.

Switching to SIP trunking should be considered crucial to any businesses still using an Intergrated Service Digital Network (ISDN). Using on-premise hardware combined with SIP trunks is particularly suited to businesses with these characteristics:

  1. Business’ with IT Managers or In-House specialists
  2. Businesses with a high volume of incoming and outgoing calls such as call centres, agencies and customer support services.

When properly integrated, a SIP trunk manager is a flexible and scalable business telecommunications solution. A virtual telephone line, if you will. So instead of relying on phone lines, you can connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) via the internet. SIP trunking routes phone calls quickly and efficiently through available networks via circuit switching. You can connect your SIP trunk provider to your on-premises PBX which will allow you to make outbound calls without restrictions on the number of simultaneous calls.

Blu Sky provides SIP trunking plans that provide unlimited inbound and outbound, local, and long-distance calls on a per-channel/call basis. Once you have used up all of your allocated slots, you can not make or receive additional calls. You can always bolt on additional channels by contacting us. 


SIP Trunking…

Saves money

With traditional telephony and ISDN, businesses would overspend by buying more capacity than is needed. Therefore, a huge benefit is the reduction in cost for line rental and calls, an important element for companies receiving and making a large volume of calls.

Gives you control and flexibility

It doesn’t matter if you are phoning an international supplier or a local business. There are no location-based restrictions when using SIP Trunks which means you can work with anyone, from anywhere, whilst using the same number. If you suddenly experience significant growth, you don’t have to manually install more ISDN lines, you can efficiently and easily scale up or scale down the number of trunks according to your business needs.

Consolidates communications

SIP trunking merges all forms of communication, whether texts, emails, calls or IMs, into one centralised solution.  

Is quick and efficient

The virtual nature of the set-up means that trunking installation is a quick process and can be working within 48 hours. In many instances, organisations can use their existing internet connectivity and infrastructure with no extra physical installation.

Great, how do I get started with SIP Trunk Call Manager?

Getting set up with SIP trunking is super simple and Blu Sky has a range of appropriate products. We can help you unify video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks – so you can collaborate every time, everywhere, with everyone included.

Contact Blu Sky today and we’ll set up everything for you and give you a competitive price. 

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