What’s next for remote working

Who knew that 2020 would be the year that business changed forever with remote working? Across virtually every industry, there’s been a seismic shift in how we work, when we work, and how we actually communicate to get the work done.

The truth is, we may not have been communicating all that well when left to our usual devices in the office. Now is the time to consider what has worked in both the past and the present, and use these insights to better perform in the future.

Whatever challenges lie ahead, it’s clear that remote working, hybrid workforces and virtual contact centres will be taking centre stage.

For best results, you must invest in the right technology

We’re fortunate to be living in an age where colleagues and customers alike are just a few clicks away, whether it’s on a face-to-face video call, via voice, or in chat or SMS.

Taking full advantage of these technologies will help foster communication and collaboration for hybrid and remote workers. Businesses need to focus on chat rooms and videoconferencing applications for internal team members, and also must be able to check in with staff members using these tools daily since they will not “see them” in an office environment normally.

Flexibility and adaptability are the keywords for managing remote working or a hybrid workforce. Workers need to have many communication methods and work together to feel connected with each other and transparent in their purpose.

Promote a culture of communication and collaboration

Communication has always been essential and should be at the centrepiece of your company’s culture—whether working in a single office, offices across the globe, or an entire network of remote working staff.

We have the technology to stay connected during these socially distant times—but how we use the technology matters.

One significant example of this point is the tendency to replace every in-person meeting with a video call. Videoconferencing is a powerful tool, but these check-ins are still best used sparingly. As important as it is to replicate the face-to-face time, even over screens if not in person, we also need to reserve space in the day to get work done.

A lot of the fatigue that people are feeling is because the most natural reaction to a loss of face-to-face meetings in the office was to try to recreate them over video chat. While video conferencing can be effective in moderation, companies should embrace technology to make things even quicker and easier.

When someone needs to check in with a colleague to ask a quick question or be brought up to speed about a project—they can turn to plenty of other available channels. Email, phone calls, and chat messaging all work well.

Use chat to keep in touch with clients and colleagues

Remote working (working from home) can mean less face-to-face time with colleagues, which can complicate relationships with customers.

Businesses can best adapt by giving customers their choice of videoconferencing, phone calls, or chat communication options. Chat is a seamless way to interact with customers and colleagues alike. It is a perfect solution for a quick, real-time communication need—and even allows for the sharing of multimedia files like audio and video.

Your business must offer a simple and efficient method to interact.

The future of remote working is now

Whether your staff is remote, in-office or a hybrid of the two, the coming year is sure to bring unique challenges. It’s essential to invest in technologies that help your team work together smoothly and seamlessly, enabling them to provide an excellent customer experience as well. But don’t stop there: a culture of collaboration, support, and communication is essential to make the most of the technology.

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