Why a choose a cloud telephone system?

The use of telecommunication has been in existence for decades, way before the invention of the internet. The majority of our smartphones are physical, and individuals use them for various sorts. Conventionally, a sizeable remarkable number of businesses use smartphones in communicating with their client. Fast telephone internet access must remain a primary way to connect with customers directly. Industries all covet an environment that is hassle-free from communication problems, creating a system that focuses on core business itself. A helpful and reliable method of communication is the cornerstone of any thriving business organisation. 

Organisations need to ensure they can drive customer interaction faster. Mainly as a brand, you know making your customers satisfied is an absolute necessity. An ideal solution is to adopt the use of a cloud telephone system. This article will meticulously explain what a cloud telephone system is and its benefits to potential cloud telephone system subscribers.

What Is a Cloud Telephone System?

A traditional telephone system functions by connecting the phone network to the public network. It converts sound surges into electrical signals and transmits them across a cable to an airport. These cues go through several airfields, departments, and fibre optic wires, which convey the warnings in light pulse (or electric currents) forms. 

When the call arrives at its end, the light rhythms are converted back to electric signals before swerving them back into sound waves. These sound waves allow the receiving caller to hear your voice on their end. As the name implies, a cloud telephone system ultimately stores the network data and other phone system components offsite. It is hosted by another server named Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

A cloud telephone system is a telecommunication service system that authorises you to make calls over the internet. It transmits all voice, documents, and data to the Cloud, eliminating the need for physical services and wiring systems. This cloud system gives a different storage range, making all communications a unified one and virtually saving us from investing in expensive equipment.

Features of a Cloud Telephone System

Talking about a cloud telephone system and not mentioning its features makes the discussion incomplete. Cloud telephone features help us better understand its system’s uniqueness. Here are some of the notable features of a cloud telephone system.

Cloud unified communication

The Cloud telephone system allows businesses to integrate all their communications service into a single entity across numerous locations.

Video conferencing

As businesses worldwide are now recognising the remote workplace, there is a need for easy access to video conferencing solutions. This can only be done using a cloud telephone system. 

International calling 

Cloud phones are internet-based, as they do not include distance charges. Calls placed and received internationally come with free packages on cloud telephone system phones.

Artificial Intelligence 

Artificial intelligence cut across every aspect of all modern lives, making cloud phones no different. Cloud system uses artificial intelligence in delivering good customer service.


 An auto attendant gets to enact all calls, reducing the communication workload directed at the business.

Benefits of a Cloud Phone System

The Cloud phone system has a lot of benefits when compared to the traditional phone system. Nevertheless, behind the scenes, calls are routed in a new way (the Cloud). With a first-class business model, an organisation can augment up or down to any of its demands because a cloud telephone is easy to upgrade and highly customisable. Below are several benefits of a cloud telephone system:

Faster setup

Cloud telephone system requires no unique Infrastructure to be put in place since all are cloud-based. The outcome enables a spectrum of call centre features at a fraction of the cost, guaranteeing the services’ better efficiency. Furthermore, when the time comes for a change in the system, you wouldn’t have to bother your staff when they are working about replacing routine wires.


The cloud telephone allows workers to work from multiple locations. Today, millions of employees work remotely, and this is because duties are now hosted on the internet. Employees can register their phones anywhere to work for an organisation. This feature is effortlessly available at any time of the day, irrespective of locations, as long as users have a stable network.

Highly customisable 

Cloud software is very flexible. A big plus point is that IT staff can modify their security system and optimise it to their preferred business configuration. The software to be used by any given industry and organisation can be altered and designed in various ways best suited to their usage. For instance, in a banking system with sensitive information, the ability to maintain and secure data in and out of the phone system is essential. Therefore, the system is customised to meet all data maintenance and security rules of the bank. 


The primary justification for choosing a cloud phone system is reducing the time and money spent running a phone system. It is like choosing to use a hosted email over your mail. You not only skip the server purchasing to host your mail, the time and energy used in the configuration, security, and upgrade will also be minimal.

Higher security 

IT cloud phone system providers concentrate more on operating services that are well secured, keeping the company’s reputation and documents very safe. The cloud telephone system officially comes with added insurance with the deployment of security measures that wouldn’t tolerate any breach of data. It also allows IT specialists to update and backup their servers regularly. Since VoIP hacking is dominant, hackers will gain control of your phone system in due time, leading to a total loss for the organisation at large.

Cloud Phone System

How to select a cloud phone system

Before selecting a cloud phone system, it is advisable to check for a reputable cloud telephone service provider, putting your business budgets, size, and needs into consideration. It is not advisable for businesses with a small number of employees to consider a Cloud-based phone system as the costs could be prohibitive. 

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Driving customer interaction and satisfaction is a goal every business or organisation strives to achieve. Making customers happy translates to company development and a lot of monetary value. Communication is critical for organisational development as both the organisation and customers need to communicate. A great way to achieve this is by introducing a great telephone system, hence the need for a cloud telephone system. 

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